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At Black Eagle Ag Solutions, we believe that Strip till equipment with the highest amount of operational up time and consistency across varying soil and climate conditions requiring the least amount of horsepower is what farmers want and need. All of this is dependent upon machine design, quality and functionality.

Design & Manufacturing

Black Eagle Ag Solutions’ equipment is the combination of practical day-to-day farming experience working with fabrication expertise . Our Australian partner farms year round and is able to test the designs and equipment in some of the harshest conditions in agriculture. We combine that with Engineering support from an agriculturally focused firm with years of experience in equipment, hydraulic and materials engineering. Then our manufacturing partner, which specializes in manufacturing processes and efficiency, puts it all together to produce consistent, high quality finished products. Our process creates a constant feedback loop of improvement and innovation to provide value to our customers.

Standard Shank Unit

  • Efficient design
  • Strong parallel linkages
    • Follows the ground
    • Insures consistent depth of shank operation
  • Hydraulic shank trip assures consistent operation
  • Large shank trip movement clears large obstacles
    • Protects the machine
  • Prescription Tillage Technology (PTT) Center cutter
    • Unique design can extend shank life
    • Can reduce horsepower requirements
  • Row cleaner that can be adjusted for aggressiveness
    • Effective in heavy residue situations such as stripper wheat
  • Patent Pending Eagle claw adjustable closing/finishing system
    • Easily adjustable down pressure
    • Designed with multiple configuration options
      • Configure for your ideal finished strip
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Mounted Bars

At Black Eagle Ag Solutions our mounted bars are designed to optimize the efficiency and productivity of your agricultural operations when a 3-Point application is required. Whether you’re a small family farm or a large commercial operation. Currently available in 6 and 8 row configurations. Contact us for more details.

Mounted Bar

Pull-Type Bars

The Black Eagle Ag Solutions pull type bars are designed to get over a lot of acres productively and to go down the road as safely as possible. Currently available in 12 and 16 row configurations with optional air cart systems. Contact us for more details.

Pull Bar
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